The 100 Club of New Mexico


50th Anniversary


In 1969, the 100 Club on NM was formed by five Albuquerque  business people to be sure if a sworn police officer or sworn fire officer was killed in the line of duty their surviving spouse would get a stipend, in cash, to cover immediate needs that may arise with the death of their breadwinner.

The Club's motto was declared:  “Because We Care”

The five founders were Charles Spann, Attorney at Law; Wiley Banes, an owner of metal construction buildings, Ben Lamond Roberts, Real Estate and Insurance Broker, Robert Poaque, Banker, and Jack Mulcahy, Federal Saving and Loan Officer. All committed $100 a year to build a fund to pay next of kin benefits because they cared. People continued to commit $100 to the 100 Club, and have allowed their board of directors to distribute benefits to survivors.

Local Banker, business person, Mahlon Love joined the group five months after the founding, members and he has personally visited with more survivors than any Board member and has always been available for any assignment.

The Club's first distribution was made in 1971 to the family of NM State Policeman Robert Rosenbloom, who was killed by two hijackers who fled to Cuba. The most recent payout was to the family of NM State Police Sgt Thomas Vitale in 2018. 

The 100 Club of New Mexico has been able to defer some expenses for 70 fallen police and fire officers, based on the vision of the five founders who started the giving 50 years ago.  Over that 50 year period, the Club ha distributed more the $520 thousand dollars for immediate financial assistance to the families of fallen officers to help them through the most traumatic time of their lives.

All 350+ members of The New Mexico 100 Club, started, and based in Albuquerque take pride in “50 Years of Caring”.

The commitment of private donors will continue into the next 50 years and keep our police and fire families close to us knowing people who care will always be there to help.

Greg Fouratt, Keynote Speaker
US Federal Judge 
& former US Attorney

Greg Fouratt, Keynote Speaker
US Federal Judge
& former US Attorney 

President James Hunter

 James Hunter
100 Club of NM


Dave Coulie, Board Member.
Spoke about our 50 YR Anniversary


Jack Mulcahy
A 100 Club of NM