The History of the 100 Club of New Mexico


The 100 Club of New Mexico was founded on May 15, 1969.

Every day and every night of our lives in New Mexico, city, county and state police officers and firefighters have the well-being of the citizens in their hands. And always, even under the best set of circumstances, there is the constant -- ever present -- shadow of danger.

They also work with an almost certain knowledge that should they lose their lives in the line of duty, the financial burdens to their families may be too much to overcome. Even though, through federal and state programs, insurance money is there for the officer's family, it takes time. That is why immediate financial aid is so important -- and THE 100 CLUB is there -- no questions to answer, no forms to fill out, and no papers to sign when the check is delivered.

In most cases, within 48 hours or less of the death of a police officer or firefighter, members of New Mexico's 100 CLUB deliver a check to the next of kin. Each case is evaluated individually, and should circumstances warrant, New Mexico's 100 CLUB is prepared to be of further assistance.

New Mexico's 100 CLUB is a non-profit (501-C-3) corporation existing solely on membership dues and contributions. Member's dues are $100 annually.


How it started: in the line of duty...

On November 8th, 1971, just west of Albuquerque, New Mexico State Trooper Robert Rosenbloom was ambushed and killed by two felons who later hijacked a plane to Cuba. Trooper Rosenbloom left a wife and two small children.

On August 29th, 1973, Alamogordo police officer James Vigil was killed...leaving behind a wife and two small children.

One month earlier, on July 19th in Clayton, Sergeant Emilio Maestas was tragically the line of duty.

Within 24 hours of these tragic events, immediate financial aid was given by a group of quiet individuals: Wiley Banes, Charles C. Spann, Ben Lomand Roberts, Jack Mulcahy and Robert S. Poage, the founding members...

Those members took as their motto these words which best exemplify the sole purpose of THE 100 CLUB:


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